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“How many of you have been ridiculed for the way you look? Don’t be afraid, raise it up if it’s happened to you. Look around…look how common this is…this isn’t a joke, this isn’t a scam, this isn’t a ploy…I’m saying this for a specific reason. When I was growing up, I wasn’t the most popular kid in school. I was, uh…I was that kid that dyed spikes green and wore a tank top over his green t-shirt. I was that kid that would go to rock shows while everyone else listened to 98.7 when it was the rap station, you guys know what I’m talking about. But, my point I’m trying to make is that everyone’s different. A lot of people try to conform to the norm. I know that rhymes, but it’s so true. They see people being the popular kids and they just want to latch on and be that person. But, some people here…I’m looking at you, and you know who you are. And some of you are afraid to say who you are because you know people are going to chastise you for the way that you dress or act. But what I’m encouraging you to do is tonight, be a freak with us. Be a weirdo with us, be that person that doesn’t conform, be the person that you know that you are because it’s beautiful that way. That’s your personality. This song is dedicated to those jerks that made your life a living hell growing up. It’s called Horrible Kids.”

Reblog if you hate how straight guys are against gay guys, but they love it when girls are lesbians or bisexual.







And how straight girls are against lesbians, but they love when guys are gays or bisexual.

Oh God, this.


 THIS. >C It really pisses me off.

…Dude, all the time. x_x

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